Whether you have specific career ambitions, are trying to decide on a particular path or are unsure, there are many things to consider. Here at CareerDecisionMaker™ our goal is to make the process simple and to provide you with timely access to comprehensive and accurate information. CareerDecisionMaker™ is an award winning online suite of psychometric career assessments which enable you to scientifically identify suitable careers. It comprehensively assesses your Values (V), Interests (I) Personality (P) & Skills (S) and integrates this information to generate a unique Personal Profile and detailed Career Report. The comprehensive report informs decision making and enables you to achieve career clarity.

Values (V)

Identify the beliefs and values that are important to you

Interests (I)

Highlight what you are naturally drawn towards and are most interest in

Personality (P)

Identify career options that suit your natural behaviour, traits and characteristics

Skills (S)

Focus on the Skills you enjoy using and are good at